5 Food Photography Starter Tips

5 Food Photography Starter Tips

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So you are going to jump into the field of food photography. Listed here are my 5 starters ensure you are on the right path to shooting fantastic food shots!

1) Good Lighting

Food photography, well any photography is about good lighting. Good lighting does not imply that you buy 2 studio lights, an elegance dish, a couple of soft boxes etc. More often than not great lighting comes naturally, so look for a nice window, one which is not getting in harsh light (overcast days perform best for me personally) after which setup as always. Regrettably for individuals who’ve to shoot during the night, lighting is your main option however if you simply can pick, ensure that it stays throughout the day.

Diffuse, bounce, do that which you must for the greatest lighting result. You will be surprised the way a couple of adjustments could make highlights arrived at existence. It’s my job to carry 2-3 white-colored boards beside me to bounce light along with a portable mirror. It’s surprising how handy they comes in.

2) Props and Arrangement

The factor I really like most about food photography, instead of say photography is the fact that food never complains about getting a poor side. It does not move, it simply sits there, but you’ve still got to operate it. Have a slice, gather the meals bits together, pour it, change it out up and add some right props to alter up every time. Select props that flatter in colour and elegance. You would like the meals is the hero, and also the props exist as “backup singers”. The rule I additionally bear in mind is less is much more, so don’t over complicate it without having to.

3) Great Focus On Detail

So food does not move, that does not mean you don’t act fast. Usually you simply only have a couple of minutes prior to the food begins to “be sad” when i refer to it as. It sags and loses its existence. Wake up close, focus, have a couple of shots, adjust, have a couple of more, just make certain you’re employed rapidly. Remember to help make the food the main focus and employ everything that’s around to go with it. You need to be a demon using the details. I hear many people say “however i can Illustrator it later”, but where’s the skill for the reason that. If you are likely to do food photography, get it done well and get it done with excellence. Now that’s true skill.

4) Allow It To Be Pop, And Cheat Should You Must

One factor you should know with food photography is the fact that it’s not necessary to eat it, it simply has to look great. This provides the excuse to organize food not the same as the actual way it could be cooked – and food stylists just do that. Enhance grill marks having a blow torch, add cotton balls for a little bit of steam, provide a little bit of shine with vegetable oil, you may also use glue for milk (though I have to admit I have never done that certain)

5) Bag Of Goodies

You are only just like the various tools you carry, so a pleasant group of lens is imperative. Often a good 50mm or 35mm lens (f1.8) works great with an entry-level SLR. Going for a step-up, a 50mm (f1.4) lens or perhaps a 100mm Macro lens is ideal for food. They should not break your budget in most cases one or two jobs should easily cover the expense (particularly if you are choosing the 50mm f1.8 (least expensive Canon lens ever though just a little plastic)

I’m not sure in regards to you however i don’t genuinely have steady hands. A tripod keeps things nice level, and it also provides me with a choice of making adjustments without getting to get rid of the shot as a result. My Manfrotto is my mate!

In event of you searching for food photography in singapore company near you, it would be pertinent that you should search for qualified and reliable photographer. They should be able to handle your needs and requirements in the right manner possible.

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