A Guide to Restaurant Catering

A Guide to Restaurant Catering

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If you own or manage a restaurant, you might have considered how you could potentially increase your revenue streams as well as access a number of different customer bases. Well, catering for small and large events could be one possible answer.

You already have the culinary expertise so here we’ll show you how to translate that into other avenues, which can only serve as a great form of marketing for your restaurant.

What Does Catering Involve?

When hosting parties and other events, people will also often require the provision of food for their guests. If the venue they are holding their event at doesn’t have on site catering facilities then they will of course need to hire a caterer.

This is where you come in. You have the facilities to be able to produce large amounts of food to order, as you would do for your restaurant customers. The only difference is that you’ll be delivering it once prepared as well as providing a range of other services if required.

The basic ingredients for successful catering include:

  • A great amount of organisational ability
  • The ability to prepare food for a set head count
  • Being able to work to strict time limits and deadlines
  • Knowing exactly the minimum number of guests you’ll be catering for

Planning an Event

Planning the catering for any event requires knowledge of the venue. This in turn will tell you exactly the type of machinery and equipment you’ll require as well as any other catering supplies. If the venue doesn’t have a banqueting suite or an area suitable for dining, you will likely also need to provide everything from table linen to cutlery and napkins. Luckily you can order catering supplies in the UK from several different suppliers who will be able to assist. Most will also offer delivery to the exact location you need them. 

On Site Catering

Of course, catering on your current premises is also an option. If your location features a dining hall suitable for private bookings then it can make even more sense to provide catering to clients. The benefits here are that you have absolutely everything you need to get started and run the event from start to finish.

You’ll have access to your own kitchen as well as lined, tablecloths and napkins available from your restaurant. You’ll also have an abundance of cutlery and glassware to provide for all of the guests.

Both options are worthwhile pursuing as there are significant profit margins available if you are able to plan correctly. This is even more the case when catering off site as you will be able to charge a markup on all of the catering supplies you have ordered.

What Else Do Catering Suppliers Offer?

Everything you could possibly imagine in relation to the entertainment and restaurant industry. Disposable cutlery and napkins are also an option for children’s parties and if hosting an adult themed event, you could also purchase various bar equipment and cocktail making supplies.

The possibilities are endless so prepare some set menus and offer your services online and through any local directories.

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