Solar Cooking – Solar Cooking Recipes

Solar Cooking – Solar Cooking Recipes

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Solar cooking is a superb option to conventional cooking – instead of burning fuel and producing co2 emissions, or using precious electricity, solar cooking harnesses natural energy offered by the sun’s rays!


To begin with, cooking taters having a solar oven differs a little from cooking these questions fire, that you simply are most likely accustomed to, if you warp them in shiny reflective aluminum foil, the solar power that you’ve attended painstaking ends to target to the potato only will be reflected!

Brewing tea

If you wish to brew tea inside a solar oven, you cannot anticipate getting boiling water and then suggest your tea conventionally – rather have a jar and a few tea bags, place the tea bags within the jar with some water that is clean (that you have got out of your solar distilling apparatus!).


Soups are really simple to prepare inside a solar oven. In addition, they’re particularly forgiving if the quantity of sunlight is suboptimal, as warmish vegetable soup is very acceptable whereas rawish not fully cooked chicken is completely unacceptable!


Everybody loves Nachos! So why wouldn’t you have a bag, spread these questions bowl and canopy with grated cheese. Then put the bowl inside your solar oven to melt the cheese and provide you with toasty hot nachos!


Try taking some old baked bean tins and paint them black – you have the right can to cook bread! To prepare some simple French bread you may need a packet of baker’s yeast, a tablespoon of sugar along with a tablespoon along with a tablespoon of salt, five glasses of white-colored flour and a few glasses of water. Dissolve the yeast in a single cup of slightly tepid to warm water, Sift all the dry mater right into a clean bowl, stir within the yeast – water mix, add some water in the second cup in a small amount before the dough is sticky. Grease a baked bean can that has been colored black, fostering associated with a sharp edges, add some bread mixture and then leave it inside your solar oven.

Solar Cooking Tips

In lots of campsites and caravan parks, open fires are banned due to the mess they produce and also the smoke which may be uncomfortable for other visitors – so while everybody else no longer has sufficient gas within their cylinder, or perhaps is eating could raw food, now will be a wonderful time to hack open the solar oven making all of those other campground jealous!

You want to prepare on days once the sky’s obvious and also the sun may be easily seen – on the cloudy day, cooking is going to be shateringly slow.

Among the advantages of solar cooking is you can get everything ready ahead of time, let it rest in your soul solar oven, so when you come back things are cooked prepared to eat – whereas you accomplices coking with conventional methods still need to muck about and prepare their food!

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