When is A Meal Kit Not the Right Fit?

When is A Meal Kit Not the Right Fit?

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For many people, meal kit delivery services are a perfect fit.  They are more affordable than eating out but they take out a lot of the guess work that traditionally accompanies cooking at home.  You get to prepare food—so you feel connected and accomplished—but you don’t have to do a lot of planning or thinking, two things that most busy working folk don’t have time to do.

But for some people a meal kit might not be the right fit; or, rather, might be best saved for occasional meals instead of several times a week, via subscription.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things many people find don’t quite fit about meal kit services.


First and foremost the biggest complaint that many new meal kit service subscribers find is that meals are small.  Let’s be more accurate and gain the information from reliable source like Compare Meal Kit:  people find that the meals are smaller than they are used to eating.  The typical meal-kit dinner comes in at around 650 calories, on average.  This meets the nutritional needs for most people, but that does not mean it will always work for you.  That does not mean, necessarily, that you should not order from a meal-kit service—it’s an excellent way to try new recipes—but if you like a hearty meal, you may have to supplement your delivery or save that meal for a special occasion.


Part of the joy of cooking is using creativity to turn ingredients into delicious meals. Meal kit delivery services bypass this aspect of cooking. This means that those who are already comfortable in the kitchen might lose some of the novelty in exchange for convenience.  For those who are learning to cook, meal kit services will be a boon; for those who know the kitchen well, though, might want to use these services as inspiration for more exotic dishes.


This actually does not have much to do with cooking, but some people are discouraged by how much waste goes along with meal kit delivery services.  These kits require quite a bit of packaging to insulate and ship each individually-wrapped ingredient and that means you have a lot to discard.  Some companies use recyclable materials, though, so do a little research if this is a variable that will affect your decision.

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